After a long pause here on the blog, I decided to share my own Sord build for Mess. Compared to the original official version, my brother and I added a few interesting features to the emulator. To prevent the new functions from being confused with the original, we have created a new mode named m5p_lzr. Below are some of the new features

  • 64kBi and 64kRx memory support
  • F-block type support in tape recording
  • "Windows" starts by default, a menu that allows you to quickly launch the most used programs. According to the modification of Mr. Stuchlík and LZRsoft
  • ROM containing BI, BG, BF, MSX1.C and CPM
  • support for two 3.5 ″ floppy drives. Support for the original FD5 has been removed.(wasn't working)
  • added QuickLoad support, for loading programs directly into memory. I will add the m5q format specification later.

26/09/2014 version 1.1

  • added support for creating and writing dsk image disks (CPC EXTENDED) - probably it will still be quite buggy

Firstly download any official version of Mess and then copy the new ROMs to the roms / m5p_lzr subdirectory and the vMESS.exe file to the same directory as the original Mess. Any comments and ideas are welcome.

M5p Lzr
M5p Lzr
84 KiB
9.3 MiB