I am happy to inform you that the improvements I have made to the already obsolete Sord emulator have been added to the official MAME distribution, specifically to version 0.171. Compared to the current
version it can now emulate EM-5 32kB, 64kBi, 64kBF and 64kRX memory modules. This allows you run programs that was not working due to lack of RAM. For this reason, another slot for cartridges was added
so that the memory can be "inserted" together with one of the Basics. Then there was added a modification called Brno according to the place of origin, which contains a CP-M with a 1MB RAM ramdisk. I intend to constantly improve this driver, if time allows. Unfortunately, after the official version was released I realized that I forget to add support for uploading LST files. If you need this function, download my version, which already contains this feature.

If you would like to try my driver, download MAME first and then ROM pack. Copy the ROM pack to the roms subdirectory where the MAME was installed but do not unzip the .7z files themselves! If you prefer my build, download the files below. Simple instructions for use can be found here.

MAME is distributed under this license. MAME® is registered trademark of Nicola Salmoria

EDIT: 13.3.2016

I've added dream shopper and bosconian to the rompack. If you wanna use short names for these you have to redownload MAME0.170

Mame0.170 (69.0 MiB, 1237 downloads)
Mame0.170 Src (34.4 MiB, 1027 downloads)
M5 Rom pack (660 KiB, 1175 downloads)
M5 Instructions (3 KiB, 1829 downloads)